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Save money and our planet


Reason to Choose GriffEnergy


We offer product & workmanship warranty. Along with monitoring so you can benefit from peace of mind.


We have installed thousands of system through Canada and ensure the system is installed to standards.

Simple & Easy

We complete your product from the initial plans to the permits and paperwork.

Save Money

Solar usually cost less than energy from your utilities s, so you can start saving money right away.


Get an assessment which will explain your system size, energy production, cost, annual forecast at no cost.

How do solar panels work ?

The sun is the ultimate source of energy. But how do solar panels work? How something as simple as a solar panel take sunlight and use it to power your oven, TV, AC, and even laptop?

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Efficiency Nova Scotia rebate

It has never been easier to go solar, with the help of SolarHomes Rebate Program homeowners eligible up to $8,500

Solar Panel Review

We have had our solar system installed for a few years now. We have had no issues with the company or our representative Jad Kareer. He was very professional and clear with all the information. He has followed up with us to make sure we are happy. GriffEnergy also checks in to make sure we are satisfied. We recommend Jad and GriffEnergy to everyone. We also have never had an issue with our roof from the panels.

Amit Sultan
Solar panel installation review

Azad stopped by my house early 2017 offering solar, the bills were pretty high with our electric company so I decided to move forward. It's been okay so far because Azad explained very well that its a long term investment. As a rental property owner, I understand the concept of owning property and now my energy. GriffEnergy took care of everything for me, updating me periodically on the process. I've had my system active for almost two years and saving a good amount. I have recommended Azad to our family as well.

Mark Spoon
Customer review on solar panels and GriffEnergy

If we don’t make things a little smoother for this world, what’s the newborn generation going to have? Our mess? I wish we could’ve done this sooner, but GriffEnergy is the one that had the best proposal.

John Smith

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