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Going Solar In Nova Scotia

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We take a look at your energy usage and create a report which explains your System Design, Production, & Cost. We’ll also answer any of your questions.

Site Assessment

Our site assessment team will complete an assessment of your roof, and gather the required information for our operation and engineering teams.

Rebate & Permitting​

We will submit all documents and secure the Solar Rebate on your behalf.

All of the permits and paperwork your city and local utility company require are taken care of. All you need to do is relax, sit back and wait for installation date. 

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On installation day, you can expect us to have your solar panels installed and ready to go in 8 hours or less. 


Your local municipality and utility company will need to provide us with final confirmation for us to unite your solar panels to the grid and start generating clean energy.

We handle the 

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Solar Purchase

Purchase system out right as Owner.

  • Monthly savings
  • No monthly payment
  • Monitoring
  • Product & Workmanship Warranty

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  • Low Monthly Payment
  • Zero Down Payment & Interest
  • Long Term & Open Term
  • Product & Workmanship Warranty

Nova Scotia FAQs

Program Fundamentals – This solar program is funded by the Government of Canada’s $56 million-dollar overall commitment to Nova Scotia from the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund. Efficiency Nova Scotia is administering the program for the Province.

Program Eligibility – Residential homeowner, living in Nova Scotia.

Timeline – Once you are approved for the rebate we will have up to 6 months to complete the project and 12 months for homes under new construction.

Rebate Amount – The Rebate was introduced August 2018 at $1/Watt and as of April 2019 was decreased to $0.85/Watt. Which is up to 30-35% of the total system cost. Capped at 10kW – $8500

Success – Since the program was launched, it has been a huge success for the Province of Nova Scotia. To date, Efficiency Nova Scotia has received over 800 applications.  Rebate changes may occur periodically to help achieve renewable energy objectives.

  1. A racking system is customized and installed on the rooftop.
  2. Solar Panels are then mounted and fastened to the racking system.
  3. Inverters convert solar power into usage electricity.
  4. Electricity goes into your electrical service panel to use at the property.
  5. Leftover electricity goes back to the grid.
  6. A bi-directional meter is installed to measure the electricity.

Interested in more information, visit our learning center. (coming soon)

If you signed a Solar Purchase or Lease Agreement, just contact us and be ready to provide:

  • Home Buyer’s First and Last Name
  • Home Buyer’s Current Home Address
  • Home Buyer’s Email Address
  • Home Buyer’s Phone Number
  • The projected home closing date

To assure that this runs as smoothly as possible, we ask that you send us the information at least two weeks prior to the closing date. If you signed a Lease Agreement, just reach out to us and we can help you launch the transfer.

Will be based on historical electricity usage. You can offset up to 100% of your usage through solar panels under the Net Metering program. How optimal solar panels are on your property will also be another major factor.

We complete an on-site survey to determine if your property is compatible with the solar design and program. Here are some examples of what we evaluate to make sure that solar panels are a good fit:

  • Roof size, pitch, and sun orientation
  • Shading of the roof caused by tree branches, other homes, etc.
  • Roof obstructions such as chimneys, pipes, etc.
  • Roof strength and stability
  • Electrical routing & wiring

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